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Our training is based on nine ryuha ("Re-U-Ha") or nine schools of classical Japanese warrior lineages, all of which are centuries old, some almost dating back a millenium. Three of these schools are the last existing ninjutsu ryuha (schools of the arts of the ninja warriors), and six others that are complete classical warrior systems. These three ninja schools are the last remaining ninjutsu schools in the world today, and the only schools recognized by the Japanese authorities as legitimate.

Unlike most of the stereotypes that depict the ninja warriors as black clad, evil, cruel assassins, the ninja could be considered feudal Japan's version of military intelligence/special forces that specialized in unconventional warfare.

Most of the martial arts taught today were developed within the past 100 years and were created as sport arts or for cultivation of the spirit. Most of these arts are what are called the "do" disciplines, such as tae kwon DO, karate-DO, juDO, kenDO, etc. However, the arts in the Bujinkan Dojo have developed over centuries of conflict where the defender had to persevere and win against stronger, more numerous, and better equipped adversaries. Unlike most of the modern martial arts, the warrior lineages found in the Bujinkan Dojo do not rely on strength, speed, or size; rather our art utilizes natural, relaxed, efficient body movements, distancing, timing, and absolute practicality to defeat the adversary. 

These arts have not been degraded or watered down for sports or personal refinement, nor are there any artificial rules, but are true koryu "old schools" that retain their true and effective martial capabilities.

Tenshin Buyu

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