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Takamatsu Soke

Toshitsugu "Tiger" Takamatsu: (1887-1972)

Considered the last "combat Ninja" Toshitsugu was born to a family with roots in both the Ninja and the Samurai classes. As a child he was taught by masters of several ryus, becoming the only person to have completed training in all aspects of Ninjutsu
As a young man he gained notoriety when he single handedly stopped a small riot. As an adult he sought adventure in China and acquired an unmatched reputation for ferocity in battle and personal integrity.
For most of his adult life he was the only man fully trained in the art of Ninjutsu. Only after retiring to his village did he take on a single student, Dr. Hatsumi Yoshiaki. After 15 years of instruction, Toshitsugu declared Dr. Hatsumi his only heir in the art of Ninjutsu.

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