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Hatsumi Soke

Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (1931- )

Dr. Hatsumi is Ninjutsu's greatest living teacher and the last Ninja taught in the old style.
Only successor to Toshitsugu Takamatsu. Dr Hatsumi is a life long student of the martial arts. He sought out Takamatsu when his training in conventional martial arts could go no farther. For 15 years he was Takamatsu's only student. Just prior to Takamatsu's death in 1977 the last combat Ninja declared Dr. Hatsumi his only heir in the art.
Dr Hatsumi has worked for over forty years training men and women in the art of Ninjutsu. Due to his work, Ninjutsu has moved from one Grandmaster with one student to one grandmaster over seeing dozens of senior students, like Ed Martin, who have taught some degree of the art to over 100,000 applicants world wide.
In addition to his martial arts training Dr. Hatsumi is an osteopathic doctor, has a degree in theater arts, and has received his doctorate. An accomplished author and artist he has published several titles on subjects ranging from poetry to self defense. His art work has been displayed world wide. He is sought after by film and television producers world wide as the authority on Ninjutsu. In his seventh decade he remains active in the teaching of Ninjutsu.
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